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80 percent of the largest pharmaceutical leaders in the world trust OSTHUS experts to guide the next generation of big data assets for their business.

Big Analysis Facts

of companies have a big data strategy today (Forbes)
of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies use OSTHUS Blueprints
of clients receive ROI from a high performing semantics-enabled data system

OSTHUS has served as a leader in standardizing how pharmaceutical companies secure, acquire, and share their data. Selected as the choice data architects to develop the Allotrope Framework in 2013, OSTHUS has built a new frontier for how the industry generates value from assets captured in laboratory, scientific, and clinical workflows.

Chief Innovation Officer at OSTHUS, Wolfgang Colsman, is a lead developer for this standardization which supports the automation of information through artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. Allotrope Framework Architects at OSTHUS led the global data project for the Allotrope Foundation, which now sets best practices for accessing and sharing assets using the Allotrope Framework. These standardization efforts are informing best practices for informatics products and services for many companies seeking a higher impact standard for data.

At OSTHUS, Colsman is also disrupting the way companies preserve and monetize assets long term. A first-ever data lifecycle management system, ZONTAL Space, incubates data and cultivates connections between the many assets that enter the archive from any sources. As the product incubates context and relevancy, data is turned into information and becomes more valuable. Top big pharma companies use ZONTAL to combine Allotrope standards with the ISO 14721 standard (reference model for Open Archival Information Systems).

Data enhancement techniques at OSTHUS serve to drive a global community of best-in-class pharmaceutical leaders and data scientists to innovate the most relevant products and services possible.

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