OSTHUS Automotive

OSTHUS is responsible for building some of the highest performing data systems for industry leaders in the world.

At OSTHUS, we believe that high performance vehicles should be built using the highest performance data technology available. Discover the value of next generation data accuracy and automated flawlessness.

Activate tomorrow’s competitive advantage today

  • Customer behavior analytics creates a consistent and personalized experience
  • Global supply chain management supports risk mitigation at scale, near real-time compliance, reporting and auditing at little-to-no cost.
  • Predictive analytics that drive product quality and support recall management

By 2020, the connected car services industry is expected to gross an average of $40 billion annually, according to the connected car market report.

OSTHUS specializes in advanced analytics that serve the complete enterprise value chain. For more than 20 years, we have developed data standards for the largest, most regulated organizations in the world. We invite those who seek pharma-level data management to test drive the value of next generation data solutions.