OSTHUS Blueprints

Enable Data Innovation

OSTHUS Blueprints are a foundational step for industry disruptors seeking to exploit the power of big data, cognitive learning, and artificial intelligence.

  • Pioneers of Premium Data Performance

    "The need for better data solutions is growing. Over the last couple of months, I have been meeting more and more executives who are struggling with their digital strategy. Few people know what this means for them and their business or how to design and deploy a strategy that yields business impact.

    OSTHUS Blueprints give executives the ability to develop a clear strategy for execution that is closely tied to immediate and long-term enterprise value."

    Pioneers of Premium Data Performance
    Dr. Torsten Osthus
50 % of companies have a big data strategy today (Forbes)
80% of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies use OSTHUS Blueprints
100 % of clients receive ROI from a high performing semantics-enabled data system

OSTHUS Blueprints are a framework for introducing a data innovation strategy to any enterprise. Developed by visionary entrepreneur and systems engineer Torsten Osthus, CEO of OSTHUS Group, the blueprints have served to set standard best practices for top legacy companies seeking to compete in the $250B big data market.

The approach of OSTHUS Blueprints has been adopted by global leaders in many industries who wish to maintain the competitive advantage.

“We are a disruptor of disruptors,” Osthus said. “Rather than sell yet another big data product, we’re building together with our customers data value centric strategies and solutions that support data innovation at scale, regardless of where a company is in their big data adoption strategy.”

Discover how to honor legacy systems while building a shared vision for data performance and enterprise success with OSTHUS Blueprints

A Custom Data Innovation Blueprint

delivers industry best practices alongside a customized data innovation roadmap. This approach reduces time to market and cost of deployment.

A Data Value Chain Deep Dive

gives any enterprise the ability derive long-term value from data lifecycle management by leveraging big data analytics and modern artificial intelligence technologies. Expect to develop standard best practices for reference, master and metadata management with tangible business value.

Netzwerk über Großstadt

Adopt a Culture of Data Innovation

Data strategists and scientists at OSTHUS work with cross-department teams to overcome cultural constraints, define relevant use cases and core data assets which are used to inform a shared vision for big data success.

Data Integration and Architecture Development

combine value chain priorities with a strategic approach to capitalizing on structured and unstructured data sources. This effort fuses the power of metadata, smart semantics and automation at scale.

Blueprints offer both a tactical and strategic approach toward implementing a data innovation strategy within any enterprise. This approach to data cultivation yields a near-immediate return on investment once teams deploy their first prototype. The result: a high performing data system built to serve the complete enterprise value chain.

Today, OSTHUS serves 16 of the top 20 pharmaceutical leaders in the world. The methodology continues to be adopted by global leaders who wish to maintain the competitive advantage.