OSTHUS Capital & FinTech

OSTHUS saves companies millions year-after-year by partnering with data innovation partners who dare to disrupt the market. Discover the value of semantics and statistics combined.

At OSTHUS, we offer opportunities for the financial services sector to disrupt the capital landscape through data innovation. Build a lasting foundation for continued return on investment. We specialize in implementing forward-thinking data methodologies. Our approach is championed by some of the largest, most regulated organizations in the world.

Experience immediate enterprise value

  • Enhanced data accuracy and preservation
  • Immediate cost savings in IT infrastructure and operations
  • Reduction in outsourcing costs and rework
  • Reduction in regulatory and sanctions compliance costs
  • Millions in cost savings year-after-year
  • Opportunities for new streams of revenue and enterprise value

Why spend countless labor hours analyzing and reanalyzing information when industry expertise can be automated, enhanced and scaled? Join our partners in pioneering a disruptive future for data and finance.