OSTHUS Healthcare

A majority of the largest pharmaceutical leaders in the world choose OSTHUS. For hospitals, premium processing and analysis amplifies the level of care delivered long-term while saving companies millions year-after-year.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is driving innovation in healthcare. OSTHUS Blueprint methodologies and products generate millions in annual cost savings for leading US and EU pharmaceutical companies.

By transforming data into information, we give machines the ability to acquire, comprehend, act and learn from data written in any language and derived from any source. This gives machines the ability to perform administrative and clinical healthcare functions. Moreover, it greatly reduces regulatory and sanctions compliance costs.

The Benefits of the OSTHUS Blueprint

  1. Use data to immediately increase enterprise valuation
  2. Data accuracy is immediately enhanced
  3. Get proactive about data compliance before regulation enforcement hits
  4. Revenue potential across the full enterprise value chain significantly increases
  5. Past, present, and future subject-matter expertise is protected
  6. Risks associated with perishable data assets are reduced
  7. Time and cost to meet compliance and auditing requirements is reduced
  8. Reference processes and search capabilities are optimized
  9. Accuracy of AI and machine learning solutions is optimized
  10. A majority of constraints on data sources and applications are removed
  11. Eliminate data “rework”, deploy high value reusability principles for enterprise
  12. As growth in the AI health market continues to grow 50% year after year, we invite disruptors in the data market to build the competitive advantage with OSTHUS today.