Big Analysis

Most enterprise data remains untapped

This issue is being addressed by the top 20 largest pharmaceutical leaders in the world. 80 percent trust OSTHUS Big Analysis techniques to guide the next generation of their business.

This revolutionary new approach to data was coined by radical philosopher and Chief Data Scientist at OSTHUS, Eric Little, has been adopted by global leaders in many industries who wish to maintain the competitive advantage. Innovators seeking to compete in the information market embrace OSTHUS best practices and tools as a first step toward integrating large-scale predictive modeling and automation techniques.

Big Analysis Facts

of companies have a big data strategy today (Forbes)
of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies use OSTHUS Blueprints
of clients receive ROI from a high performing semantics-enabled data system

Big Analysis is disruptive because it incorporates both statistics and semantics together. To begin, OSTHUS identifies enterprise data sources that yield the greatest value and help companies to maximize data value potential using technology. Once a strategy for high value data use cases is identified, companies use OSTHUS reference master data management to annotate and locate important data sources and apply advanced indexing tools to facilitate high performance queries for value extraction.

More than 50% of companies have a big data analytics strategy today (Forbes). OSTHUS supports companies in the pursuit of higher performing integration and management strategies, as well as data analytics at enterprise scale. As a company’s value potential evolves, OSTHUS supports the adoption of machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence technology.

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