OSTHUS Manufacturing

The competition knows. Automating flaw detection and smart maintenance has the ability to amplify product value and save a company millions.

While a majority of manufacturing companies are implementing a big data strategy, few are leveraging the power of statistics and semantics to increase revenue by more than $1M year-after-year.

At OSTHUS, we have delivered the competitive advantage to leaders in innovation who dare to know what they don’t know. To begin, our experts take a deep dive into historical process data. We work with teams to unveil relationships between discrete process steps and inputs. We then amplify the factors that prove to have the greatest effect on yield.

OSTHUS capabilities

  • Product quality and defects tracking
  • Supply planning and output forecasting
  • Manufacturing process defect tracking for the complete value chain
  • Supplier performance data informs contract negotiations
  • Support for mass-customization of manufacturin

Welcome to a next generation of real-time shop-floor data. OSTHUS offers sophisticated statistical assessment capabilities. We welcome innovators in manufacturing to Increase yield, generate millions in yearly savings for a single product, and use new data insights to drive a maintain the competitive advantage.