Why We’re Here

Removing the barriers to innovation is our passion. For more than 20 years, OSTHUS has partnered with innovators to co-create high impact data technologies.

We believe the best data solutions begin with a deep understanding of people. In 1996, we developed the OSTHUS Blueprint to help introduce a culture of data innovation to industry. Since then, our data scientists have built a legacy of innovation through the development of the highest performing data technologies today.

Today, our clients represent leaders in big pharma and innovation. They gain the competitive advantage in the market while receiving immediate cost savings. On average, these companies save Millions per year.

As the popularity of machine learning and artificial intelligence permeates every industry, enhanced data accuracy will yield progress for enterprises and humanity. We invite disruptive leaders to join our team of experienced innovators in delivering higher impact solutions to the world.

OSTHUS Blueprint: Enterprise Data Innovation

For more than 20 years, we have supported leaders in innovation in designing performance data solutions. The OSTHUS Blueprint for Fostering a Culture of Data Innovation gives organizations a look at how to take risks, honor legacy systems and ensure immediate enterprise value.

Using our 4-phased approach, discover how to harvest value from the full enterprise value chain and save an average of $1M year-after-year.

OSTHUS Blueprint: The Allotrope Framework

In June 2018, we raised the bar for the modern digital lab. The OSTHUS Blueprint Introduction to Allotrope gives industry leaders the ability to exchange whole libraries of information in near real-time.

We invite industry leaders to work with OSTHUS to implement standard best practices adopted by the most acclaimed research laboratories today. Download our sample OSTHUS Blueprint and discover how companies are using statistics and semantics to increase enterprise value.