OSTHUS Pharmaceutical

OSTHUS works with a majority of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world to remove barriers to data innovation & retain full rights to data ownership.

For more than than 20 years, OSTHUS has designed data solutions for the top pharmaceutical companies in the world. We dare to innovate for the most regulated industry in the world because higher stakes drive great leaders to take risks and challenge the barriers to innovation.

Our customers are lifetime customers because we offer what other boutique data consultancies do not: a guarantee that data solutions are delivered on-time and under budget.

OSTHUS is industry renowned for its product development capabilities. In 2017, following a competitive RFP process, our experts were hand-selected to design standard best practices and digitalization products for the world’s top pharmaceutical companies. As the lead architects of the Allotrope Framework, we offer a suite of digitization products that give anyone with data the ability to secure, acquire, and share massive amounts of data in near-real time and from any location in the world.

Beyond product design, our data innovation consultants specialize in helping pharmaceutical companies to building a shared vision for strategic impact and success and guarantee an average cost savings of $1M each year.