OSTHUS Research & Laboratories

From integration to preservation, a majority of the largest laboratories in the world use OSTHUS data standardization techniques to optimize the full data value chain.

This June 2018, OSTHUS released a new technology offering anyone with data the ability to secure, acquire, and share massive amounts of data in near-real time and from any location in the world.

As choice architects of the Allotrope Framework, our team leads the development of modern digitization products for laboratories. Our breakthroughs in modern formatting and server technology are now adopted as the industry standard for a majority of top pharmaceutical companies in the world.

We invite industry leaders to discover the full value of these products. OSTHUS offers integration services and supports research teams in fostering a culture of data innovation.

The Benefits of the Allotrope Framework

  1. Use data to immediately increase enterprise valuation
  2. Data accuracy is immediately enhanced
  3. Get proactive about data compliance before regulation enforcement hits
  4. Preserve subject-matter expertise and laboratory assets
  5. Time and cost to meet compliance and auditing requirements is reduced
  6. Reference processes and search capabilities are optimized
  7. A majority of constraints on data sources and applications are removed
  8. Eliminate data “rework”, deploy high value reusability principle

Discover how to honor legacy systems while building a shared vision for data performance and enterprise success.