OSTHUS Solutions

Data innovation meets higher performance data lifecycle management.

OSTHUS Group supports teams in building a deeper understanding of how data can be used to strategically amplify enterprise value long-term. From integration management, analytics to archiving and purging, our team works with company stakeholders to transform enterprise data into high value digital asset.

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Data Value Life Cycle

Data Integration

Reference Master Data Management

The fundamental basis for any enterprise data strategy is effective and efficient Reference Master Data Management (RMDM) as a supporting function for diverse applications. Providing Reference and Master Data in the form of mapped terminologies ensures applications speak the same language. This allows decision-makers to bridge existing silos, integrate data at enterprise scale and speed up innovation and value creation in business processes.

Our governance processes are market-tested and utilize open standards and graph technologies to cover the whole semantic spectrum (lists, thesauri, taxonomies or ontologies) in vendor-agnostic solutions with state-of-the-art API integration.

Reference and Master Data is used to enable domain expertise across an enterprise and fuel highly contextualized enterprise knowledge graphs.


ZONTAL Space is the first digital archiving platform to enable high data integrity and reuse at enterprise scale.

Our highly scalable enterprise platform for information lifecycle management and digital archiving helps Biopharma and Life Science companies get control of the tsunami of data to drive efficiency, data innovation, standardization and compliance.

ZONTAL Space powers plug-and-play laboratory instrument data integration and contextualizes the metadata so you can easily find, manage and reuse your data assets, from anywhere, at any time.

Data Management

Data Analytics


Leap Analysis (LA) is a state-of-the art search and analytics engine that is the first ever to offer virtualized connectivity to any data source directly. LA allows for true federation of enterprise data without the need for expensive and cumbersome integration efforts as in the past. It utilizes metadata and machine learning to understand your data sources. Sophisticated translators then operate directly on sources natively. Data can remain in silos, while behaving as though it were in a common location.

Leverage the power of all of your data from a single user perspective and begin your path to AI.


OSTHUS Services

OSTHUS is a multinational data consultancy headquartered in Aachen, Germany, with data innovation frameworks deployed in 16 of the top 20 big pharmaceutical companies in the world. For two decades, we have worked with executive teams in diverse industries to introduce a culture of innovation that drives enterprise value. We offer a strong track record of driving costs down while increasing time to market for complex data initiatives. OSTHUS Blueprints serve as the choice methodology for companies seeking to leverage a vendor-agnostic approach in the pursuit of global digitization, artificial intelligence, prescriptive and deep learning efforts.

Data Intelligence